My name is Ekta R. Garg, and I’m a Reviewer, Editor, Author, and Dreamer of stories and books. Above you’ll find links that tell you how these four roles fuel my tremendous passion for words.

My first book-length work from Atmosphere Press is available now wherever books are sold! Check out the gorgeous cover, and scroll down for direct purchasing links!

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Cover designer Kevin Stone had this to say about his incredible work:
“There’s something magical about the very idea of Christmas. It is one of the enduring archetypes worldwide. I wanted to capture some of the magic and mystery and sometimes sadness that surrounds the concept and notion. A feeling of nostalgia we all have for the day that is filled with joy, a joy we can’t tangibly hold.”

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Saathee magazine says Elves is “a charming tale that offers not only a unique view of Santa’s Workshop but also how holiday magic can occur for someone who feels that he doesn’t even deserve it.”

Champaign-Urbana’s premiere online arts and culture magazine SmilePolitely calls the story world of Elves “a heartbreakingly real universe where metaphor functions as a means to a larger, deeper outcome. … Garg’s craft shines.”

Susan over at The Book Bag review blog says, “This is a delightful little story that offered me a little escape for a few hours as I soaked up the wonders of the North Pole…”

Books By Your Bedside said the premise of elves being regular people was “amazing. … That definitely adds a magical sparkle to everyday life.”

Phyllis from Phyllis Jones Pisanelli Reviews, in talking about the book, says “I think Santa does more than we ever knew.”

Shrabastee Chakraborty for Readers’ Favorite called the book a “magical tale of healing. … I consider myself fortunate to have come across this book.”

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