A writer writes to share his or her experiences. For me, it’s important to share my stories with the world. Here is a sampling of my works online and/or in print.


In the summer of 2018, I was invited to join the Facebook writing group known as Stone Soup to contribute a story to their first anthology. The result was the piece titled “Washed Clean,” about a greedy priest who tries to use a boy’s special power for his own gain. Check out the book on Amazon:


This podcast interview with Hank Garner, author champion, came out in 2018 and lets readers and other writers know a little more about me as a person and an a.uthor.



The following are the first two anthologies produced by Authors’ Tale, the Facebook writers group where I’ve met some amazing writers and made some great writing friends!

In the 2018 Authors’ Tale anthology Heart of a Child, my story “The Dress” delves into the life of a young woman who made a promise to someone special in her life. Now that she’s ready to get married, she’s contemplating breaking that promise. What happens next?

In 2017 Authors’ Tale produced its first-ever anthology, Once Upon A Wednesday. In this book, I shared a creative nonfiction piece about a bad day I had and how a small show of kindness made me reevaluate the problem at hand.

Check out both anthologies today, and be on the lookout for the third Authors’ Tale anthology, Ink Dreams!


Below is just a small sample of my writing. To challenge myself, every Monday I try to post brand new fiction on my short story blog, The Write Edge Writing Workshop. Go there now for brand new pieces every month!