My name is Ekta R. Garg, and I’m a Reviewer, Editor, Author, and Dreamer of stories and books. Above you’ll find links that tell you how these four roles fuel my tremendous passion for words.

Now available!

In the Heart of the Linden Wood

Released by: Atmosphere Press

Click here now to order your signed copy!

Check it out on Goodreads now! You can also order your copy on Amazon or on Barnes and Noble!

Once again the incomparable Kevin Stone did the cover! This is what he said about it:
“When I was designing the cover for In the Heart of the Linden Wood, I was inspired by Ekta’s vivid descriptions of a land draped in wonder and mystery and wanted to reflect the beauty and specificity of that place and time.”


My first book, The Truth About Elves, is also from Atmosphere Press. Click on the cover below for reviews, purchasing links, and more!

Garg - Cover Project front jpg
Cover designer Kevin Stone said:
“There’s something magical about the very idea of Christmas. It is one of the enduring archetypes worldwide. I wanted to capture some of the magic and mystery and sometimes sadness that surrounds the concept and notion. A feeling of nostalgia we all have for the day that is filled with joy, a joy we can’t tangibly hold.”

(If you’re a writer and want to know how Kevin can help you, check out his website or chat with him on Twitter.)

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